What about the Father?

Every now and then, we appreciate our Lord Jesus for his selfless sacrifice and death on the cross. We are mindful of the fact that he died on the cross in the most humiliating way possible just for our sake. We celebrate his death and resurrection every year during Easter and remember all his works of mercy and miracles while on Earth and even after his death. That is all well and good, I mean, if there were no death and resurrection, there would most definitely be no redemption.

In the midst of all this, I most recently discovered that we fail to notice and reflect on the most important sacrifice; the sacrifice of a father who gave up his only begotten son. Have we ever stopped to ask ourselves, “how did God the father feel as he watched his son get accused falsely, stripped publicly, whipped, paraded like a common thief and nailed on a cross between two thieves”. The love of God is greater than we can comprehend, but let’s try to imagine how we’ll feel or act if any of our loved ones were to go through any of the things Jesus went through and we had all the power that God has, what are we going to do? What will our reaction be like?

I’m not trying to belittle the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus, don’t get me wrong, I’m just trying to bring to our attention the difficult decision God had to make. There were many occasions where he could have easily put a stop to everything, take for example the incident at the garden of Gethsemane, and it makes me wonder how hard it was, what he went through to hear his son call on him and know what was ahead and yet for our sake he let everything take its course. Let’s be reminded that this was his only begotten son, and imagine how we would feel like and if we would even be able to allow such a thing for our loved ones.

This just proves how boundless and great Gods love for us really is; the extent he is readily willing to go just for us. The sacrifice of a father brought us redemption.

I’ll really appreciate your comments on this.

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Charity begins at home

When I was little, the key word at home was respect. Not just respect for elders(that is a necessity in an African home), but respect for others, for others feelings, privacy and property. Respect is reciprocal, you give it and in turn you get it.

Charity begins at home. By charity I do not just mean benevolence towards the less fortunate, but kindness, understanding and love towards others. It got so ingrained into me and my siblings to such an extent that I believed this was how the world works. It therefore came as a shock to me to find out how rude and selfish and mean some people could be. Some people have zero respect for others emotions, some would hurt you and actually believe they are in the right. You can’t be mean and disrespectful and still require politeness and respect in return. The worst part of it all is that being respectful and nice is now taken for granted, like people no longer appreciate or even believe in it. Most people now think being impolite and rude is the in thing, makes you more superior and popular. The truth is, it does not.

I’ve experienced and even heard of instances where politeness and respect were shunned. Some even take it to mean an act of cowardice. What scares me most is when I see young children being unkind to their mates and disrespectful to their elders, I mean what happened to charity, when did their innocence leave? It makes me ask, “is being good, nice and respectful outdated?” When my mother said the three magic words are; sorry, please and thank you, was she lying? Or is this a normal thing? I just don’t get it. I decided to come up with this to know if at all I am the only one who thinks something is wrong, because many times I’ve said something on this issue the reply I often get from people is, “its a normal thing, everyone is doing it”. But just because everyone does it does not make it right. Just because your friend disrespects someone or tells lies about someone doesn’t make it right for you to do so. Just because you’re fortunate to have a few things given to you doesn’t mean you should laugh at or look down on others who do not. Being rude and mean is not a criteria for popularity or intelligence. From the old to the young and vice versa, I strongly suggest we learn to love and respect ourselves. Charity begins at home, in other words, charity begins within us.

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Hoping For Hope.

At the beginning of this year, my sister asked me what my plans and hopes were for the year. Without any hesitation I answered her very simply, “nothing. I hope for nothing because every other year I’m filled with hopes and plans and I always end up disappointed, heartbroken if you will, when things don’t turn out the way I hoped”. We were quiet for a while, then she said, “how can one live without hope? Its very sad”.

Its four months now since we had that conversation and at times I find myself hoping for things despite my firm resolution not to do so. And during those times, her words just keep repeating itself in my head, ” how can one live without hope?” I must confess that time and time again when I hope for something, it often never works out the way I hoped it would. Most people would say its life, others would say it happens for a reason. As for me, at some point I began doubting my self (am I not worth good things in life?). But with time I realized that the problem may not necessarily be from the way I hoped or what I hoped or planned for, but from the fact that I refused to let go. When once you refuse to let go of something, inevitably, when that thing sinks, you sink with it. I’m not suggesting that one shouldn’t fight for something or work hard for it, but after hoping for something and putting it into action, I strongly suggest letting it go if it fails Maybe it wasn’t meant to be; Look at the bigger picture, and if there’s none, create your own . Never sink with it like I constantly did thereby doubting myself and thinking the world was against me.

I know its probably late to make a new year resolution, but for the remainder of the year, I resolve to hope and keep on hoping. Yes there may be bad times, but during those bad times, I strongly resolve to remember the good times, remember that I am stronger than all the bad that mat come my way, and also remember that after the bad comes the good. I know its easier said than done and one may wonder how I’ll go about it. Truthfully, I have no idea. There are no set rules or guidelines in life, I just hope (yes, I said hope) to find my light when it gets dark. Time and time again I may fail or fall, but the irony is that with how tough I am, I won’t break but rather bounce back higher than before (this I promise myself).

So, its official, the girl who firmly resolved never to hope now has a change of heart. Just like my sister said, “how can one live without hope? Its very sad”.

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