What about the Father?

Every now and then, we appreciate our Lord Jesus for his selfless sacrifice and death on the cross. We are mindful of the fact that he died on the cross in the most humiliating way possible just for our sake. We celebrate his death and resurrection every year during Easter and remember all his works [...]

Charity begins at home

When I was little, the key word at home was respect. Not just respect for elders(that is a necessity in an African home), but respect for others, for others feelings, privacy and property. Respect is reciprocal, you give it and in turn you get it. Charity begins at home. By charity I do not just [...]

Hoping For Hope.

At the beginning of this year, my sister asked me what my plans and hopes were for the year. Without any hesitation I answered her very simply, "nothing. I hope for nothing because every other year I'm filled with hopes and plans and I always end up disappointed, heartbroken if you will, when things don't [...]